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Managed Print Services

At Bagwell Document Solutions, we know the importance of making the most of the printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines you already own. Bagwell Office helps businesses control the cost of printing and raise productivity by properly distributing current assets and replacing inefficient devices. In order to create the best managed print environment, Bagwell Office first completes an assessment of the way your print devices are currently being managed.

Through this assessment key questions are answered:
What goals are not being met?
What types of documents are being printed?
What is the calculated cost per document printed?
Which departments and users print the most documents and how often?
Your document assessment will provide your organization with an analysis of device usage related to daily business processes.

An accurate print assessment will provide:
Collection of printing statistics.
Bench-mark metrics for better decision making.
Recommendations for creating a better print environment.

Our managed print services program is one of several solutions to consider in creating reliable, cost effective processes for your business. To learn more about how your business could benefit from our managed print services program, Request your Assessment today.

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Reducing Printing Costs

Bagwell Document Solutions gives organizations with the tools they need to streamline business processes and increase operation efficiency.

Our expert account executives will analyze your document generation and routing processes and deploy powerful technologies to deliver increased profitability, competitive distinction, enhanced customer service, and reduced legal liability to your business.

The goal of Managed Print Services is to deploy the right print output to the right device to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest productivity. Our Managed Print Services program uses a balanced deployment of printers and multifunction systems backed by a usage-based support agreement.

Why do you Need Managed Print Services?
Many businesses fail to have measurable cost controls implemented in regards’ to their document output. According to estimates by Gartner Group, businesses spend between 1 and 3% of their total yearly revenue generating documents. At the same time businesses dramatically underestimate their total print expenses and needs.

By managing print requirements effectively, your business can save up to 30% on your total in-house printing costs. One key is developing an effective total print management strategy that can increase your productivity while lowering your total operating costs.

Bagwell Office Imaging System’s trained specialists will conduct a free analysis of your current printing requirements and show you how to improve the way you handle printing and meet the goals of your organization. Request your free analysis today.

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Document Assessment

To provide you with practical methods to improve your printing efficiency we will help you identify where your business is strong and where it is weak in managing your print environment.

We’ll also explain how our Managed Print Services program you can save you up to 30% on the costs associated with printing.
To request your no-obligation Document Assessment, simply contact us..

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